Lab to Beauty is the Luxury CBD Beauty Brand created by sisters Katherine and Alison Ragusa. Known as “The Pot of CBD Gold,” Lab to Beauty is the innovative all-natural skin and hair care label that has led the way for CBD in the luxury space. 

First to enter the luxury market in November 2018, Lab to Beauty was launched by Barneys New York and is now featured at Saks Fifth Avenue. Best said by the Beauty Independent, “Lab to Beauty elevates CBD to the top tier of the Beauty Category.” Lab to Beauty’s highly anticipated CBG Healing Hydration Collection launches September 2020, positioning Lab to Beauty as the leader in the next frontier of cannabis-based beauty technology, CBG.

Bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine, Lab to Beauty is a clean skin care movement inspired by the farm-to-table movement, which puts plants first and makes clean eating a priority. Similarly, Lab to Beauty bases all formulas entirely on plants and chemical-free is the priority. Each product centers around the synergistic blend of non-GMO hemp-derived CBD with botanical extracts and rich plant oils. 

The Ragusa sisters have been trailblazers in the natural beauty space for over a decade. Katherine is based in New York and Alison is based in Los Angeles. Together they are part of the Advantage Co, their wide-ranging family enterprise that encompasses fashion, beauty, technology, and more.