W H A T   I S   C B D ?

Cannabidiol “CBD” is a cannabis compound that has significant medical and skin care benefits. Our CBD is THC Free and is non-psychoactive.  

We love CBD because it provides next level efficacy in soothing, repairing, and protecting your skin. It truly has supernatural powers. The dynamic benefits of CBD are limitless. From fighting inflammation, reducing acne, prevents acne, preventing breakouts, boosting elasticity, stimulating collagen production, enhancing radiance, fading wrinkles, lightening dark spots, treating ezcema and regulating oil production.

W H A T   K I N D   O F   C B D   D O   W E   U S E ? 

We use Non-GMO, hemp derived, pure isolate crystalline cannabidol.

H O W   I S   I T   S O U R C E D ?

Our CBD is sustainably farmed and sourced. Triple bottom line, seed-to-scale agriculture production is utilized. 

We expertly employ supercritical CO2 extraction, without with use of any harsh chemicals [no hexane and no butane], to obtain the super concentrated pure cannabidoil, which contains the key transformative elements: terpenes, omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, other phytocannabinoids and amino acids.

I S   I T   T E S T E D   F O R   Q U A L I T Y ?

Yes. Third party tested for purity and potency.

Furthermore, all of our Lab to Beauty products are produced in a food grade, FDA, GMP compliant facility.

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