The Only Lip Balm You Will Ever Need Just Hit the Shelves at Barneys New York

Lab to Beauty launches their new CBD Moisturizing Lip Balm this week at Barneys New York

W I L L I A M S V I L L E ,   N Y
May 30, 2019

Lab to Beauty is changing the way you care for your lips. Much like the rest of their products, the Lab to Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm is luxuriously smooth, incredibly healing, and effortlessly lightweight. Formulated to soothe your lips after warm, sunny summer days, the cooling mint Lip Balm is nutrient packed and serves as a protector against chapped lips as well as harmful radicals.

Sustainably sourced, non-gmo, and organic, Lab to Beauty continues to bridge the gap between luxury and clean beauty. Encased in a classic, oversized cylinder applicator, the new Lab to Beauty Moisturizing Lip Balm is power packed with rich cocoa butter and 15 mg of CBD. This is what your lips have been waiting for.

A B O U T   L A B   T O   B E A U T Y
Lab to Beauty was co-created by three sisters, Katherine, Juliana, and Alison Ragusa, who are well-known in the premium skincare industry for their ongoing development of Bogavia and Tony Walker & Co.                                   

Just as the farm to table movement has transformed the food industry, putting plants first and making clean eating a priority, Lab to Beauty hopes to transform the beauty industry and the luxury market with our clean skincare movement centered around the pure potency and sensuality of plants with the healing effects of CBD, bottled fresh in the lab and brought right to your beauty routine.                             

For press opportunities and to sample our product contact Katherine Ragusa, Lab to Beauty Co-Creator.

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