Pure ingredients

CBD + Pure Nature Essence

We’ve assembled a team of high performance scientists, farmers and botanists for groundbreaking research in cannabis processing methods + pure nature plant bassed product development in order to deliver the most pure + potent CBD charged skin care and supplements designed to give you a clear and calm complexion + internal system.

Some pure nature essentce include:

- French Green Clay

- Aloe Vera

- Chamomile with Tamanu

- Hemp Seed Oils

- Vegan Hyaluronic Acid

- Stevia Lead Extract

Our Elite Lineup

Face Collection

Come discover why relaxation is the key to radiant skin. Gently cleanses for a clear and calm complexion

Face Collection

Bath + Body Collection

Deserve the best. Crystal clean cleanser with hyaluronic hydration for luminous skin

Bath + Body Collection

Wellness Drops Collection

Drops to your everyday routine. Get your system back into shape with the CBD Drops!

Wellness Drops Collection
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Lab to Beauty is the Pot of CBD GOLD

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Lab to Beauty transform your skin with our high performance formulas centered around the supernatural effect of CBD + the pure potency of plants, bottled fresh in the lab nad brought right to your beauty routine.

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Lab to Beauty is the Pot of CBD Gold.

- The Beauty Independent

Truly love just looking at your packaging but mostly how every product makes me feel.

- Liz Plosser, Editor-in-Chief, Women’s Health

Two types of clay (French Green and Bentonite) and two kinds of oil (sunflower and hemp seed) are blended with calming matcha (my personal redness emergency savior) in this soothing and velvety smooth mask that helps calm a complexion down.

- Jane Larkworthy, Beauty Editor at Large, The Cut [on The Green Cure Mask]

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