CBD + CBG Benefits

Lab to Beauty uses the high-performing properties of CBD + CBG, two powerful cannabis-derived plant actives, to give your skin the soothing + strengthening it requires in order to stay younger-looking and glowing.

Dry Skin Fix
Advanced Cellular Repair

Why Your Skin Wants CBD + CBG:


Helps relieve the skin’s #1 issue: Inflammation. It keeps the skin calm, clean, clear, and glowing+ it protects the skin with all its antioxidant properties.


The ‘mother’ of cannabis-derived plant actives. Praised for its ‘stem cell’ like qualities, it boosts cellular regeneration + it is the ultimate Dry Skin Fix. It helps the skin build moisture retention,which is the key to anti-aging.

THC Free. Non-Psychoactive. Sustainably Farmed and Sourced. CO2 Supercritical Extraction.


Level up your beauty routine by mixing and matching both our CBD + CBD products. When used together, CBD + CBG enhance each other’s power, which means double the transforming results for you.

The ultimate double cleanse.

An instant surge of skin plumping hydration.

Double-duty anti-aging benefits.

A completely renewing bathing experience.