Omega Fatty Acids: Essential for Your Skin

What Are Omega Fatty Acids?
They are a type of Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) which our bodies require for good health, but which we are unable to produce biologically. The most beneficial EFAs for our skin are Alpha-linoleic Acid (Omega-3), Linoleic Acid (Omega-6), and Oleic Acid (Omega-9), which is technically a ‘non-essential’ fat because the body can produce a small amount on its own.

Our Sources of Omega Fatty Acids

Why Are They Essential For Your Skin?
They help keep the outermost layer of the skin strong and healthy. They help enhance the skin's ability to act as a barrier, preventing moisture loss and maintaining elasticity. They play an important role in the inflammatory response of the skin, and they also help keep the skin soft and smooth to the touch.



The Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer is the lightweight facial lotion that plumps and protects your skin. Complete in all the essential fatty acids to keep your skin healthy, The Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer nourishes your skin while locking in moisture.