Five Emerging CBD Brands Generating Buzz In The Beauty Industry

As the CBD market mushrooms, beauty brands wielding the ingredient are burrowing into every niche imaginable. From K-beauty to social consciousness, they’re multiplying with different takes on the compound and audiences to deliver it to. Here, we explore five emerging brands generating CBD buzz in the beauty industry in unique ways.

Lab to Beauty: The Pot Of CBD Gold

Lab to Beauty elevates CBD to the top tier of the beauty category. The new brand from The Advantage Co., a wide-ranging enterprise encompassing fashion, beauty, technology and more, painstakingly brings CBD from plant to product. “We wanted to produce it in a food-grade, FDA- and GMP-compliant facility without the use of harsh chemicals,” says Katherine Ragusa, CEO of The Advantage Co., who created Lab to Beauty with her sister and brand developer Alison Ragusa. “Through the process, we were able to obtain the purest form of CBD.” Lab To Beauty has put the concentrated CBD isloate in five products priced from $35 to $85 designed to be internal and external skincare essentials: The Balancing Face Wash, The Green Cure Mask, The Quick Fix Serum, The Omega Fatty Facial Moisturizer and The CBD Drops. The Ragusas anticipate The Quick Fix Serum and The Green Cure Mask will be bestsellers. Alison says, “Inflammation is the biggest concern we are trying to fight. What excites me about CBD is there’s possibly nothing better to fight inflammation.”

Lab to Beauty is the fifth beauty brand the Ragusa siblings have jointly developed. Earlier beauty brands they birthed are Bogavia, Modern Luxuri, Pure+Fresh and Grivani. Katherine predicts Lab to Beauty’s sales will best the previous properties. She says, “Because of the combination of research and development, and timing, I feel it’s going to be the biggest launch we’ve ever had.” Lab to Beauty is touching down at Barneys New York next month for a pop-up running from Nov. 12 to 25. While Barneys New York, of course, is a precipitous start for the brand, Katherine and Alison picture Lab to Beauty spreading across many avenues of distribution in the fitness, wellness and beauty fields, and beyond. Alison concludes, “Everyone wants CBD and, at a certain point, everyone is going to absolutely need it.”

Lab to Beauty is taking CBD in a luxury direction with a pop-up at Barneys New York running from Nov. 12 to 25.