Lab to Beauty products are a soothing synergy of hemp-derived CBD, CBG, and other high-performing plant-derived actives formulated for all skin and hair types.

*CBD + CBG are synergistic and when used together they enhance each other’s benefits.


Cannabidiol [CBD] is a cannabis compound that has significant medical and skin care benefits. Our CBD is THC Free and is non-psychoactive. We use Non-GMO, hemp-derived, pure isolate crystalline cannabidiol.

Our CBD is sustainably farmed and sourced. Triple bottom line, seed-to-scale agriculture production is utilized. We expertly employ supercritical CO2 extraction, without the use of any harsh chemicals [no hexane and no butane], to obtain the super-concentrated pure cannabidiol.

Lab to Beauty uses CBD to combat skin’s #1 enemy: Inflammation. CBD provides next-level efficacy in soothing, repairing, and protecting the skin, plus it is super dynamic. It helps reduce acne, prevents breakouts, boosts elasticity, stimulates collagen production, enhances radiance, fades wrinkles, lightens dark spots, treats eczema, and regulates oil production.


Cannabigerol [CBG] is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, praised for being the ‘mother’ and ‘stem cell’ of cannabinoids. CBG is the precursor to both CBD and THC, and it is THC-free.

CBG’s reported ability to help skin cells retain moisture, coupled with Lab to Beauty’s proprietary blend of Moringa and Immortelle, enhances the healing experience of CBG.

Our ultra healing hydration complex combines CBG, with two other all-star ingredients: Moringa Oil and Immortelle. Moringa oil is also a good source of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that can replenish skin and help guard against moisture loss. CBG with Moringa provides a double defense against moisture loss. Immortelle is a small flower that is native to the Mediterranean region. Their petals, which neither fade nor wilt, provide our complex with regenerative properties, as well as incredible anti-inflammatory benefits.